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Thank Your Coworkers, Friends and Loved Ones This Holiday Season

Posted by ImageFIRST on Jan 16, 2017 8:00:00 AM

As a company that truly puts our associates first - knowing that they do the same for us - we’re always on a mission to make ImageFIRST San Francisco the best place to work that it can be.

Beyond supplying medical uniforms and scrubs to San Francisco, CA, healthcare facilities, one of the ways in which we keep things positive and productive is by always sticking to our company purpose and values. In doing so, our company as a whole contributes positively to the healthcare industry overall, in our shared mission to make the patient experience as pleasant as possible.

But, in our efforts to make patients happy, it’s essential that we make our employees happy too. With the holidays here, there’s another thing we’re doing to enhance our culture, and it’s something that we recommend you apply to your everyday life:

Simply say thank you.

Gratitude Impacts Mood: Growing evidence shows that being grateful or thanking someone can have a long-lasting effect on both parties’ moods. Majority of psychologists agree that feeling and expressing gratitude directly correlates to overall happiness and well-being.

As you prepare for a fun few weeks surrounding the holidays, we encourage you to reflect upon 2016, and think about all the people in your life who have offered you a helping hand or have been there for you in another way. Say thank you to them!

ImageFIRST Corporate Says Thanks in a Special Way: We were inspired after learning about what our corporate office did to express their thanks and gratitude this year. The week of Thanksgiving, they held a lunch potluck during which associates shared their own dishes, ranging from traditional turkey and mashed potatoes, to exotic and unique salads representing everyone’s diverse backgrounds. Additionally, they spent their weekly Tuesday huddle going around the group of 30 plus associates, who each shared what they’re grateful for. From appreciation of family and friends, to health and other blessings, the gratitude ran the gamut at ImageFIRST that day.

ImageFIRST has a special culture, thus making it a special place - one that we would never change. We focus on associate engagement activities because those are the people who make ImageFIRST remarkable. We’re more than a nurse scrubs supplier in San Francisco, CA. We’re ImageFIRST!