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ImageFIRST Supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month with New Gown

Posted by ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists on Nov 24, 2015 4:01:03 PM


“We put our customers at the heart of our purpose,” says Bill Roberts, ImageFIRST’s Vice President of Sales.



It is with that unflinching sense of purpose and determination that we channeled all of our energy into the development of our Pink Plush Robe-Style Gown, the latest addition to our Comfort Care line. The meticulous planning and thoroughness that culminated in the execution of this product’s launch is something in which we take a great deal of pride here at ImageFIRST San Francisco. Why? Because our efforts in that endeavor were for a great cause: breast cancer awareness.

To quote Mr. Roberts again, “We only service the healthcare industry, and we want to continue to support preventive health.”


We are pleased to participate in charitable initiatives, especially those that support causes like breast cancer awareness. In fact, during this past October, we partnered with the very customers to whom Bill Roberts was referring in order to support the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation by making a donation every time a Pink Plush Robe-Style Gown was rented.


The Pink Plush Robe-Style Gowns were woven with the same unique fibers that are used to make the other gowns in our Comfort Care line.

This exclusive line of premium patient gowns is made of soft material that isn’t usually found in patient care facilities. The level of comfort they are designed to provide is one that enhances the patients’ experience in several ways, chiefly because of how warm and cozy they are. Furthermore, these robes were created specifically for women and women’s healthcare facilities, like gynecologists, breast imaging clinics, obstetricians and oncologists. With them, we aim to provide comfort in order to offer a better overall experience.

“Susan G. Komen is a great organization that has given a lot of attention to breast cancer awareness,” to quote Bill Roberts one more time. Here at ImageFIRST San Francisco, we are pleased to aid the efforts of such an organization in any way we can.

Medical facilities can sign up for our rental laundry services and request the pink gowns today.